Hi, my name is Olivia...

Hi there!! My name is Olivia Waldo. I am a college student from Kansas City Missouri. I am working towards getting my Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Avila University- intending to work in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit(PICU) at Children’s Mercy when I graduate!

I enjoy reading, hiking, and spending time with my family in my free time. I am known for being a workaholic… what can I say, a girl has big dreams to reach.

I have always had a passion for photography and design. It brings me a lot of joy to be able to capture memories and be able to reflect back on them. I find myself more at peace when I am being creative and trying new things. Photography to me is being able to document the raw unfiltered side of individuals, couples, families & friends in a fun environment.

I hope to see you soon and I look forward to our project:)